Travel Clothesline,2 Pack 4m/13ft Portable Retractable Adjustable Clothes Line Rope with 1 Waterproof Bag, 12 Clothespins, 13 Anti-Skid Clips for Outdoor and Indoor(Blue)

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Product Description

Portable Travel ClotheslinePortable Travel Clothesline

Travel Clothesline(No elasticity and no fall)

Nasdom Travel Drying Clothesline,make your laundry and hanging much more convenient and efficient.Enhance your drying experience, never worry about the problems with your laundry.

The biggest difference with competitors:

There is no elasticity, longer and more durable than elastic clothesline and the heavy clothes will not fall when drying.

Clothesline for outdoor use









Clothesline for indoor use



Laundry RoomLaundry Room




Laundry Room



1. The Nasdom clothes line with pins is special: 4m(13ft) long seven-core nylon umbrella rope, can withstand 250 pounds of weight so that you can hang jeans, coats and other heavy clothes. When you are ready to dry the heavy clothes after determining the length of the rope, you need to knot above the decorative buckles on both ends of the rope to prevent heavy clothes from drooping.

2. 12 clothespins for hanging towels, cloth diapers,underwear,socks, T-shirts, bathing suits and any other lightweight clothes.13 windproof positioning clips stop the clothespins from sliding. They also can be moved smoothly by pressing and holding the little button on the top of the clips.2 adjustable buttons can freely adjust the length of your rope.2 climbing buckle can be fixed at both ends of the rope, you could loop the cord around the rod and hook it on itself.2 decorative buttons can be fixed on the rope at both ends.1 drawstring bag, tailor-made and can be reused, very useful device that folds up nicely into storage bags, save a lot of space in your traveling bag.

3. Lightweight, portable and very sturdy. Only weighs 6.4oz making it highly portable for traveling and camping, as well as home use.​It can be easily stored in the zip lock bag when not use which can save a lot of space.

4. Super easy to install. The cord is expandable and the steel hooks allow you attach your line almost anywhere. Usually in bathroom using shower curtain rod, towel rack, cabinet knob, door knobs etc., even between two chairs.

Detailed Parameters:

Clothes rope: Seven-core nylon tent rope 13ft

Clothespins: Stainless Steel, have a vinyl plastic coating

Hooks: Aluminum alloy

Black Clips: Hard Plastic Drawstring Bag: 7.5″(L) x 6″(W)

【Creative Design】 Nasdom’s exclusive design for Portable Travel Clothesline, which improves the shortcomings of other elastic clothesline and also brings great convenience for your camping, hiking, traveling, outdoor and indoor family life.
【Unusual Advantage】 What makes the Nasdom unique is that clothes rope itself is inelastic but can be free to adjust the rope through the button, stretching up to 4m(13ft). Unlike other bungees retractable clothesline, it’s longer and the rope will not droop when you are drying clothes. Moreover, it can be stored in a zip lock bag with ease as it takes the least space in a traveler’s backpack.
【Sturdy and Durablel】 Made of stainless steel material that makes it strong, durable and rust retardant. It can not only hang thin washing,but also to dry heavy clothes, such as jeans, overcoats, etc. The black clips that restrain the 12 pieces of clothespins from sliding. Thus the laundry will not bunch up together or slide to the center of clotheslines.
【Ideal Choice for Drying】 Nasodm Retractable Clothesline also comes with steel hooks at both ends that can be attached anywhere: hotel, bathroom, laundry, RV, boat, balcony, backyard, students’ dormitory or even attached on trees. Those that love swimming, fishing, boat riding etc. can use it between the trees or in their canopy to attach wet towels and trunks.
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