Strength Lab Health & Fitness Glute Band Pair 30in Blue/Medium Red/Heavy,Exercise Fitness Workout Equipment,Booty Band Set for Women and Men,white

51ENMXigpDL. AC5118D8fumCL. AC41K4e3Z2wqL. AC51X KffHyEL. AC51AZKSvWuYL. AC51MBTUv+dSL. AC51dgo5GYD5L. AC51AUkV1kngL. AC buynow3 HIGH QUALITY, LONG LASTING DESIGN – Strength Lab H&F’s premium glute bands will put in as much work as you do day-in and day-out. These thick and durable poly-cotton glute bands can stretch, yet hold strong tension, and will not snap or break like thinner rubber minibands.NON-ROLLING ELASTIC POLY-COTTON BLENDED FABRIC – The poly-cotton blend fabric is not only thicker than elastic bands, but wider too. This design keeps these glute bands from rolling up while you use them and keeps you comfortable (and less frustrated) during your workout!ANTI-SLIP RUBBER INNER – Integrated rubber fibers on the inner part of these glute bands keep them from sliding up or down your legs during your workout! Stop having to adjust your bands in the middle of your set.. and have a more efficient and enjoyable workout!MULTIPLE RESISTANCE LEVELS – Customize how you challenge yourself with each exercise! Both glute bands are the same length (15″), but offer you one medium-strength band (Blue) and one heavy-strength band (Red). We recommend the medium-strength band for beginners or for exercises with a wider stance or larger range of motion. We recommend the heavy-strength band for exercises with a smaller range of motion or whenever you need an extra level of tension from the band.MESH DRAWSTRING CARRY BAG – Keep your favorite exercise equipment organized with the included mesh carry bag! This small drawstring bag allows you to take your glute bands with you to the gym, on the road while traveling, or just keep them safe and sound at home!
High Quality Long Lasting Design
Non-Rolling Elastic Poly-Cotton Blended Fabric
Anti-Slip Rubber Inner
Multiple Resistance Levels
Mesh Drawstring Carry Bag
Strengthen Your Glutes and Shape Your Booty!
Sport type: Exercise and Fitness,