SIX FOXES ShangTianFeng Wind Chime,Solar Lights Chime Outdoor,Sun Flower Wind Chime led/Solar Hummingbird Wind Chime Outdoor Yard Decorations Solar Light Mobile,(Gifts for mom,Birthday Gifts for mom)

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shangtianfeng solar wind chimesshangtianfeng solar wind chimes


ShangTianFeng gives joy and meaning to human life and relationships

How did we get our start?

The founder of ShangTianFeng is the mother of 3 children. The workers in the factory consist of a group of mothers. When mothers go to work, they will take the children to the factory, and the factory will arrange for someone to take care of these children. Therefore, every product contains mothers’ hard work and unlimited love.

Why do we love what we do?

We hope that this world will be filled with love everywhere, and warm everyone with the gift of love.

What makes our products unique?

Every gift of ShangTianFeng contains good wishes, which can drive away bad luck and bring people good luck, warmth, success, freedom, love and hope.

shangtianfeng solar wind chimesshangtianfeng solar wind chimes

STF is a gift brand under STF. Each product is strictly selected to ensure its high quality, beauty, preciousness, durability and environmental protection.We hope that everyone who has received the gift of ShangTianFeng, whether it is the most memorable moment in life or in daily life, whether it is difficulty, success, sadness or joy, remember to add dazzling brilliance to their life, every moment Full of love and courage.not a day over fabulous

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【COLORFUL MAGICAL WIND CHIME】 These are interesting and magical wind chimes that keep you in a good mood. At night, they will shine in wonderful colors, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue. They will change various kinds of brilliant colors to light up your heart, making you and family happy. They are so close to you, even 10 times more beautiful than the shining stars in the sky. You’ll love them.(GIFTS FOR MOM ,MOM GIFTS,BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR MOM,GRANDMA GIFTS, GARDEN GIFTS FOR MOM)
【SOLAR POWER,CHARGE AND LIGHT UP AUTOMATICALLY】In sunny days,they will charge themselves and glow at night.Just hang the crystal ball solar wind chimes in your fence,courtyard,window,door and front porch.On a quiet night,the lovely wind chimes will make you feel at ease and make your yard beautiful and colorful.You can even hang them indoors to fill your room with romance,so that you and your loved ones can enjoy this beautiful color light.
【EASY TO HANG AND MOVE WIND CHIMES OUTDOOR】Unique rain-proof and moisture-proof design. What’s more,they will not get deformed, light weight,easy to hang. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors, which are ideal gifts for decorating courtyard,garden,patio,backyard,front porch and bedroom, making your life interesting. A variety of styles are available for you to choose from:solar hummingbird wind chime,sun wind chime,Butterfly Wind Chimes,Heart Wind Chimes, dragonfly wind chimes.
【BEAUTIFUL HOME DECOR AND TOP GIFTS OR MEMORIAL WIND CHIMES】The interesting wind chimes light decoration is not only the best gift for girlfriend, wife’s wedding anniversary, child’s birthday,mother’s birthday, or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,Thanksgiving Day,Valentine’s Day and Christmas,But also the high-quality interesting led wind chimes gardening/home gift for anniversaries., $29.99, $29.99