Shirts That Go Little Boys’ Construction Cranes & Truck T-Shirt

Product Description

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Back in 2009 our youngest son was super obsessed with trains! He would spend hours with his train sets and everwhere he went he would have a train toy in both hands. After a while he started to ask for t-shirts with more realistic trains and other vehicles. I looked around quite a bit and was able to find some great shirts online. That being said I could not find exactly what I had in mind. I was thinking realistic trains, in motion, oversize prints, and on soft made in USA t-shirts. That I could not find. I decided that I would try and create a train theme t-shirt for him and ShirtsThatGo was born.

This interest my son had in trains and vehicles was quite similar to what I had as a young boy. I still remember (getting close to age 50 here) those days daydreaming about the tracks and hydraulic pistons on excavators. I can remember so many days looking around at the model vehicles in hobby shops. I could instantly connect with this love that he had for trains so it was natural for me to be drawn to making a whole line of shirts. I always had that love for vehicles and that continues to this day. I have worked at several large shipping companies driving delivery trucks and tractor trailers. In addition I am a private pilot and avid kiteboarder. That being said I spend most of my days working on various projects for ShirtsThatGo.

Vehicle Inspired Tees – A fun family run small business – Mom, Dad, & 2 boys

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A few years ago we decided to attend our first street fair. The local Touch a Truck event was the perfect venue for our vehicle inspired and dinosaur t-shirts. Here we are in front of our first ever display tent. Spring in North Carolina is fantastic.

We had an amazing day meeting many of our happy customers. Our two boys helped run the booth with us and we all had a great time. We were able to sell some shirts and at the same time raise some money for our local childrens hospital. Most Touch a Truck events are held as a fund raiser for various great causes. These are super events for the kids and they help the community at the same time.

Soft & Comfortable – Dress Up or Chill Out

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Our shirts are intended to be as comfortable as possible. They can look quite nice when dressed up but they are also right at home with a hoodie sweatshirt on top. We also have long sleeves and they are super comfy as well. The main complaint we get from customers is that their kids do not want to take their ShirtsThatGo tees off for washing.

Our line is all about making smiles – Can you say garbage truck theme birthday? Train? Firetruck? Construction? Dinosaur? Yes we have them all.

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Need a gift for that grandson, nephew, or toddler in your life? We have you covered with all of their favorite vehicles printed huge on soft made in USA tees.

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We all love ice cream and just the sound of that ice cream truck brings back fond memories of summer fun. We have just the thing for the little ice cream truck fan in your family.

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A realistic pirate ship on a t-shirt can be hard to find. Are the sails full? Are all the flags blowing in the right direction? That little pirate ship fan in your family will notice these kinds of details and so do we. We have just the thing for that pirate theme birthday party.