Scratch Off Map of the United States National Parks – Original 24×17 Scratch Off USA Map Poster with National Parks, Landmarks, Highest Peaks, and State Flags – USA Scratch Off Map for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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LARGE FRAMEABLE SCRATCH OFF USA MAP: 24 x 17 inches – This is a Large Scratch Off Map of the United States with National Parks, Landmarks, Highest Peaks and State Flags. This U.S. Map is one of the most requested gifts for travelers, kids and young families. It’s large enough so that you can see each and every state in details. Also, this Scratch Off Map USA comes in a designer gift-ready packaging to delight the bucket list enthusiasts in your life.
ALL 62 NATIONAL PARKS: On the Map and in a List – Fully Updated in 2020 Map of the U.S. National Parks with every National Park territory highlighted in green on both the gold map coating and also underneath the scratcheable layer. Each State’s Highest Peak can also be easily found on this United States Map. Official National Park abbreviations are also listed at the header of this USA Map poster allowing outdoors enthusiasts to easily track how many NPs they’ve been to.
TOP 50 MOST ICONIC LANDMARKS – No, you will not see clunky drawings. Instead, the most visited American Landmarks are nicely organized in a list and numbered within the map of the United States, allowing travelers to easily locate the unique destinations on the map. The list is neatly organized on the side in order to track which places have already been visited. This travel map of the United States has a very clean design, inspired by Minimalism.
FLAGS OF ALL 50 STATES AND 5 U.S. TERRITORIES – This quality Travel Scratch Off USA Map has all the State Flags, as well as Flags of American Territories visually listed in the footer of the poster. The flags section allows an American explorer to track how many unique American cultures one has been exposed to. You will be impressed by the attention to details even on the flags. For the flags alone this travel map would make an excellent gift for military careers.
YOU WILL LOVE YOUR NATIONAL PARKS SCRATCH OFF MAP – We are Travelization, the friendliest travel community online. Nice to meet you! We’re a socially conscious company that preaches travel-education and minimalism. We stand behind this original travel map poster. If you are not happy with your purchase, we are here to help. We will always do what is right!,