Pendle & Birdie Hand Casting Kit – A Complete Premium Craft Gift to Create a Two-Hand Couples Sculpture Keepsake. Large Kit incl. an Elegant Stand, Plaster & Colour Changing Alginate

41O5aHlKWEL. AC51mS+lBEjwL. AC41WL3SBEIAL. AC51HOcl09e0L. AC4162d72Z21L. AC41oJB9CVR+L. AC31PvphYFsyL. AC, PENDLE & BIRDIE have created a HAND CASTING KIT couples, families and friends can enjoy. To make this a stand-out kit we have included a base for your finished hand cast. You’ll have great fun making this personalised craft keepsake with someone you love. Easy clear instructions and a Q&A section will cover everything you need to know to get outstanding results. This DIY hand molding kit is a way to capture a moment in time and make lasting memories. Wonderful to receive on any special occasion but especially appropriate for weddings, anniversaries or engagements. This hand mold kit is equally appropriate for creating an unforgettable moment with a friend, parent or grandparent & then have something to always remember them by. Your finished result will sit effortlessly in traditional or contemporary spaces, tucked away in the privacy of your bedroom or meditation area, or out on display in your living space. YOUR KIT INCLUDES: An elegant Fold-Out with all the Instructions you’ll need A Base to place your custom sculpture on A molding bucket the perfect size to mold two hands together Packets of Alginate Molding Powder to create your unique handmold & Plaster Powder to create your life sized sculpture Protective Nitrile Gloves Detailing Sticks and Sand Paper to perfect your statue. A fun holiday crafting project that will cement your connection forever. ESPAÑOL Kit para hacer moldes de manos. Haz una escultura de manos con tu pareja. La caja contiene: instrucciones, un balde para hacer el molde, polvo de yeso y alginato, guantes de nitrilo para proteger sus manos, palos de madera y papel de lija para perfeccionar la escultura mas una bonita base. Es un regalo original que lo puedes usar para adornar tu casa. Regalo perfecto para amigos, parejas, padres, madrinas y ocasiones especiales como navidad y aniversarios y cumpleaños.
Create it together, keep it forever – Making a cast of your hands is a fun, creative & unforgettable experience to share
You don’t have to be an artist – With our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, everyone can produce something truly beautiful
High quality skin safe materials – Carefully selected to capture every exquisite detail of your hands
Stylish black stand included – The essential finishing touch to turn your casting into an elegant work of art that will complement any interior, $43.95, $43.95