iSteam Steamer for Clothes [Home Steam Cleaner] Powerful Travel Steamer 7-in-1. Handheld Garment Steamer, Wrinkle Remover. Portable Fabric Steam Iron. Clothing Accessory for USA 110-120v [H106]

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Product Description

Isteam main image Background with shirt and steamersIsteam main image Background with shirt and steamers

No Wrinkle is Too Tough for The Power of iSteam!

Impeccably Ironed, Clean and Wrinkle-free Clothes in Minutes.

2021 Health Tip! Use The Power Of iSteam To Eliminate Unhealthy Agents on Clothes: Hot Steam is a great ally on Deep-Cleansing fabrics using a powerful 212°F (100°C) steam-flow. Steam cleaners are not only great for garments but they can be used on a wide range of waterproof home items. iSteam Joins The Fight Against The 2021 Global Health Emergency. We Stimulate Wellness For Everybody!

A practical and Powerful & Dry iron steaming experience.Upgraded design that distributes steam powerfully and consistently to remove the most difficult, stubborn wrinkles.Its 120 ML (4.05 oz) tank heats up within a minute to emit a powerful wrinkle-busting steam flow for over 12 minutes.100% safe to use and gentle with ALL types of fabrics and garments.


Meet Our Game Changer Steamer for Clothes!

Internal view of an iron steamer structureInternal view of an iron steamer structure

Steamer on a measure chart next to a travel boarding passSteamer on a measure chart next to a travel boarding pass

iSteam Steamer for clothes on the floor at a home bedroomiSteam Steamer for clothes on the floor at a home bedroom

Our Unique Features

iSteam has an Automatic shut-off feature when the unit gets too hot.

Optimized 120 ML water tank!

Power: AC 110-120V | 60HZ | Up to 900W

Dimensions: 8″x5.5″x3.2″ (in) Weight: 1.1 lbs

3-Year Manufacturer WNTY

An Ideal Travel Companion

iSteam is 100% portable for traveling and easy to pack or store.

Authorized by the TSA to store it in a carry-on luggage.

Important – For 220v outlets, you MUST use a voltage converter + a plug adapter.

Why Steaming Is Better Than Ironing

A steamer is definitely more gentle with fabrics than a traditional iron.

iSteam is light and compact enough to bring it with you everywhere.

Hot steam gets rid of odors present on clothes.

Tips and Tricks by iSteam!

Mother showing her little daughter how to steam her ballet dress with an iron steamerMother showing her little daughter how to steam her ballet dress with an iron steamer

man ironing steaming a suitman ironing steaming a suit

Mother steaming her daughter's wedding dress with a steamer for clothesMother steaming her daughter's wedding dress with a steamer for clothes

Handheld steamer in a suitcase holded by a kid and his momHandheld steamer in a suitcase holded by a kid and his mom

Get Ready! Get Special!

Look spectacular anywhere and anytime!

iSteam works incredibly on

All kind of Gowns, even Wedding DressesSuits / Jackets / Shirts / Blouses / Coats / UniformsJeans / Pantsuits

A Fashion Lifeguard

Bring iSteam with you everywhere you go!

It is definitely a life saver when traveling, since it will take care of those ruffled pack wrinkles and in last minutes details on your garments. It will save you time, energy and unnecessary expenses.

How to Steam Iron Dresses?

Hang your dress.Hold the steamer up-straight, do not tilt it down. With your other hand, pull the dress while separating any layers. Steam-iron each layer in an up-to-down motion.

The Best Gift for Any Occasion

iSteam is an ideal gift for anybody’s Birthday, Wedding or Housewarming Party.

Perfect for any Occasion or Holiday present! Everybody in this world definitely needs an effective steamer for clothes.

Imagine everything you can steam or clean with iSteam!

woman holding a white steamer for clothes and garmentswoman holding a white steamer for clothes and garments

Works amazingly on Curtains, Drapes, Upholstery, Carpeting, Table Cloths, Bedding, Mattresses, and Pillows.Deep-Cleanse Countertops And Surfaces.Clean Windows And Mirrors.Steam Clean Upholstery And Other Furniture Fabric.Remove Rug And Carpet Stains.Defrost Freezers, As Well As Frozen Items Or Surfaces.Remove Soap Formations And Grime From Bathroom Surfaces and Curtains.

iSTEAM SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We know you’ll fall in love with your portable steamer for clothes, curtains, and more! With a 1-Year Warranty
ULTIMATE IRON STEAMING TECHNOLOGY, UPGRADED VERSION – New Hi-Tech Heating Panel! Heats Up Within Just 60 Secs. Powerful Soothing Steam Flow To Remove Stubborn Wrinkles For Over 10 Mins. Home Multi-use: Steam Iron, Clean, Treat, Refresh, Humidify, Defrost And More.
THE PERFECT STEAMING ON AMAZON: EASY & SAFE – Manufactured Under Strict Safety Guidelines. Automatic Shut-Down Feature When Water Gets Too Low. Its New Nozzle Design Provides A Dry Yet Powerful Steaming Experience. The Perfect Holiday Or Wedding Gift! Make Your Family And Friends Happy With This Wonderful Iron Steamer.
SUPERIOR WRINKLE REMOVER – Powerful Clothes Steamer, Highly Effective And Gentle For All Kinds Of Garments Or Fabric. Instantly Erase All Wrinkles From Your Favorite Suit, Shirt, And Dress. Works Great on Delicates, Drapery, Even Beddings. Perfect For Last-minute Ironing Emergencies: Save Time And Money. Don’t Let Annoying Creases Ruin Your Events Or Trips.
THE IDEAL TRAVEL STEAMER – TSA APPROVED When Empty For Carry-On Luggage. Easy To Store In Any Suitcase. An Ideal Portable Travel Accessory: Compact And Light-Weight Handheld Steamer. IMPORTANT: For 220v Outlets, Must Be Used With A Voltage Converter + Adapter Plug.
2022 HEALTH TIP: Steam Clean Your Clothes To Eliminate Unhealthy Agents On Garments. Hot Steam At 212°F Is A Proven Deep Cleanser For Clothes And Other Surfaces. iSteam Joins The Cause, It Stimulates Good Health!,