I’d Rather Be – Funny Socks Novelty Gifts For Men, Women and Teens

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Product Description

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Socks That Make You Laugh Out Loud

Show off your love for crazy socks with our humorous collection of “I’d Rather Be…” novelty socks for men and women. Customers say these funny socks with sayings get the best reactions because they stand out in all the ways that count. The original designs are created by sock lovers in the USA.

golfing gift socksgolfing gift socks

The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Looking for a fun gift idea that will impress for less? You can never go wrong with gifting funny socks. They get great reactions and lots of smiles. In fact, people who’ve given these socks as gifts say they get a laugh or a smile right away. Choose from a variety of options featuring popular activities and sports that most men and women enjoy!

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hiking sockshiking socks

sailing sockssailing socks

beach socksbeach socks

For Campers

Embrace the great outdoors with these funny camping socks to keep your feet warm and spirits high.

For Hikers

Any outdoorsman would be proud to sport these luxuriously comfortable hiking socks.

For Sailors

Seas the day with these funny nautical socks for men and women.

For Beach Lovers

Any beach bum would be proud to sport these cute socks.

golfing socksgolfing socks

hunting sockshunting socks

traveling sockstraveling socks

reading socksreading socks

For Golfers

Time to tee up! These funny golf socks are great for work and play.

For Hunters

You’d rather be hunting! You don’t have to tell your boss, let your socks do the talking.

For Travelers

Show off your adventurous spirit with these fun novelty socks for men and women who love travel.

For Readers

These socks are the perfect gift for reading lovers and bookworms.

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football socksfootball socks

baseball socksbaseball socks

soccer sockssoccer socks

For Racing Fans

Rev up for the big race with these high octane socks!

For Football Fans

You’d rather be watching football! You don’t have to tell your boss, let your socks do the talking.

For Baseball Fans

We hit it out of the park with these baseball socks!

For Soccer Fans

GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Score big with these funny socks for soccer enthusiasts.

gaming socksgaming socks

rv socksrv socks

dog socksdog socks

biking socksbiking socks

For Gamers

These funky socks are a tribute to the roots of gaming.

For RV Travelers

These scenic socks were created to celebrate the love for RVing.

For Dog Lovers

Dog parents will go mutts for a pair of these funny socks.

For Bikers

The perfect present for cyclists, no matter if they’re into road biking, mountain biking, or just cruising around town!