FITI DARE Portable Pilates Bar Kit with Adjustable Resistance Band (25,30,35lb) | Home Workout Equipment for Women&Men of All Heights | Strength Fitness Bands Set | Outdoor Full Body Exercise Gym

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Tired of paying high rates for a fitness club membership?
Do you want to finally build your dream figure, lose some weight, or just feel better?
Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to make your daily activities more diverse?

The solution any of these issues consists in our Fiti Dare home gym multifunctional set!
Thanks to it you will:

– achieve your training goals in a simpler and more enjoyable way
– have the opportunity to train wherever you want, e.g. at home, office, in the park, or during travel
– save money spent on gym memberships
– save a lot of time that can be spent with the family

What sets us apart from other sets like this?
– 3 pairs of resistance bands of different lengths and resistance*/train regardless of height

– total resistance from 50 up to 180 Ib/for beginners and advanced users

– improved door handle with a metal circle/many training variations using the door

– 3-section bar including adjustable straps/adjust the length to fit yourself

– storage and transport bag/training wherever you want

– Instruction with a training guide/everything is clear

– Stylish box/Great as a gift

What you get:

– 3 section Pilates Bar
– 3 pars of resistane bands:
one pair 45cm green 25Lb
one pair 58cm blue 30Lb
one pair 58cm red 35Lb

– 2x foot straps
– 2x handles
– door anchor
– carry bag
– instructions and workout guide

*resistance bands can be stretched up to 3 times the length. Be carefully not to overstretch.
💪 WORKOUTS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EASY – Thanks to our Pilates Bar with resistance bands you can train wherever you are and how you want. Our exercise stick is incredibly easy to use, and because it consists of 3 parts and not 2, transporting and storing it is much easier. Our set is perfect for all kinds of exercises such as Yoga, relaxing Pilates, or exhausting bodybuilding training. Thanks to it, you will build your dream figure and love your body.
💪 ADJUSTED TO EVERYONE – Unlike others, our set includes 3 pairs of resistance bands of different lengths and resistances, so that you can have a fixed tension during virtually any exercise regardless of your height. The bands can be combined according to your needs, achieving a total resistance of 50 up to 180 pound. Furthermore, our Pilates Bar includes additional band length adjustments for even more training possibilities.
💪 EVERYTHING YOU NEED – The set includes such accessories as: Gym Stick, strong resistant bands, foot straps, improved metal circle door anchor, handles, carry bag for transport, as well as instructions and a training guide. Regardless whether you want to stretch, lose weight, do squats, or just pump up your shoulders, you will do it all with our set. Forget about expensive gym memberships and become your own personal trainer.
💪 FOR BEGINNERS AND THOSE WHO ARE ADVANCED – whether you are just beginning your adventure with workouts or you are already experienced in this field, it will work perfectly. The Fiti Dare training set is perfect for men and women of all ages and advancement levels. Take advantage of the many pilates and strenght exercises included in our training guide and dare to be fit!
💪 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We believe our Home gym set will help you love yourself, your body, lower stress levels, and also improve your health. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return or replace it without unnecessary questions., $43.99, $43.99