12 Pack Travel Bottles Set With Toothbrush Holder, TSA Approved Travel Size Bottles for Toiletries, Leak Proof Refillable Containers

41vWcFYzJ3L. AC51gXgD+41GL. AC51pwpf r0zL. AC51f6gFf0hwL. AC51wb1tNpmtL. AC41JK+0ACX5L. AC, buynow3,Travel in style with this 12-piece set of travel bottles that includes a toothbrush holder, fits all standard size toothbrushes. The perfect travel accessory for your next trip. Perfect for traveling or daily use. It comes with 75ml/2.5oz durable PET plastic bottles that are clear so you can easily see what’s inside. Each bottle has a leak proof cap to prevent spills while traveling. Ideal for body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and other liquid products. A great gift idea for friends and family members who are always on-the-go or even yourself. Includes Labeling stickers so you can label your essentials according to your own needs. Also comes with a portable toiletry bag with zipper which allows you to keep all your travel essentials organized on the go.
TRAVELLING CAN BE FUN AND EXCITING AND HAVING THE RIGHT TOILETRIES IS VERY ESSENTIAL. This is the perfect travel set for you. It contains: 2 pump dispenser,2 spray mist bottles, 2 disc cap bottles, 1 toothbrush holder,1 x 30g Jar, 1 funnel, 1 spatula, label sticker, and portable clear bag for easy storage which will make your traveling more convenient
LEAK PROOF- With this Leak proof travel kit, you won’t need to worry about leaking liquids in your luggage anymore!
✈️TSA APPROVED-It is TSA approved travel bottle size 75ml/2.5oz, so you can take them through airport security without any issues!
COMPACT-The bottles are small enough to put in your carry-on luggage but big enough to hold all of your essentials such as body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner or any liquids that you need for your trip. It Includes a Toothbrush holder, great for travelling or daily use. A Spatula for easy filling. A Funnel included as well, in case you need to fill any of the bottles up with liquids.
DURABLE- Environmentally friendly PET material which is durable and clear so you’ll know exactly what’s inside each bottle without having to open. You will never have the problem of not knowing what’s in each bottle again., $11.99, $11.99